About us

Tangos was founded in 2009 as one of the first online stores of Argentine tango clothing and footwear owing to the growing demand for our products, we also opened a store in our laboratory located in Lammari, to give our customers the opportunity to see, touch and try our handcrafted items.

Over the years, the influx of customers and dancers of all kinds gived the owner, Tiziana, the opportunity to expand her business not only to tango but also to standard dances, Latin and Caribbean dances, pole dance, clothing and footwear for ceremonies.

About Tiziana

Tiziana studied and graduated in Florence, first as a clothing designer and then as a shoe designer. He started working immediately and for many years for many Tuscan shoe factories, refining his art more and more. In 2009 she decided, with the help of her sister Donatella, as an expert Argentine tango dancer, to launch her own line of specific dance products.

Our goals

We have always been committed to creating original items, choosing high quality fabrics and leathers to always offer you the best on the market!

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